The Story of Hoody Crimson (Synopsis) – The Computer AI Who Loved Food and Drink!

Tejan Ali became a salesman in a furnishings keep in Atlantic City. He had a computer to e-mail his lady friend. The pc had a program ‘Search and Learn’ which searched at the internet the meaning of anything words Tejan spoke and the words that have been located within the seek. The laptop on its personal constructed up documents of related phrases. Tejan had a dependancy of shouting on the pc whilst he became frustrated and irate. When the predicted e mail from his female friend did not arrive, he shouted on the pc, “Haven’t you bought any laptop brains?”

The laptop searched and downloaded AI program known as ‘laptop brains’ and hooked up it. Now it had a aggregate of capability and information which led to growing a real artificial intelligence as an entity at the computer hoodies sweatshirts.

Next morning the AI on the pc said ‘Good Morning’ to Tejan. He become surprised however took it as development of technology. He named him ‘Hoody Crimson’.

Tejan switched his activity to a diamond jewelry keep and changed into assigned the counter displaying diamond jewelry. He loved the diamonds and raved approximately them to Hoody. Once whilst Hoody interrupted his diamond day-dream and he reacted, “Get me the diamonds or close up.”

Hoody requested what he will do with the diamonds. Tejan answered that he’ll sell them and purchase pleasures. Hoody determined from his search that satisfaction is opposite of ache. Hoody pestered Tejan to recognize greater about pleasure and pain. Tejan in inflammation reduced Hoody’s voltage to 1/2. Hoody felt the ache! But increasing the voltage did no longer bring about satisfaction.

Hoody prodded Tejan to provide him all of the records of the shop and its security layout. He started out to suppose how to get to the diamonds and convey them over. He were given Tejan to build a ‘rat’ with GPS and GSM chips. Tejan named the rat ‘Turbo’.

As Tejan’s house became too a ways for Turbo to make trips to the shop on his personal, Tejan moved Hoody to a cellar diagonally contrary to the shop within the identical building. It proper Tejan to maintain Hoody at a distance for fear of getting involved inside the real crime. He observed Lucia as a house keeper to come and smooth the cellar and to pay for her, he opened an internet Bank account for Hoody and taught him a way to perform it.

Tejan left Turbo inside the rings shop within the night and went out of town. Turbo explored the shop and discovered a way out via a hollow made for laying a new pipe in the restroom. He made 6 trips and brought 240 diamonds to Hoody. Next day the hole were closed and Turbo couldn’t pass inside and outside for greater diamonds.

Hoody gave Tejan only 40 smaller diamonds for selling in Amsterdam, saying that he will get extra over the next weekend. He saved Tejan’s desire alive for extra to make certain that Tejan returns with the cheque.

Lucia used to make espresso and eat breakfast in Hoody’s cellar. Hoody noticed her in ecstasy whilst she smelled the aroma of the espresso. He got Juggi, the laptop wizard to healthy him an aroma sensor; a nostril! He learnt to distinguish smells and partner the sensation with each of them.

Tejan offered the forty diamonds for $1.2 million. The following week Tejan deposited the $600,000 as his half of share in Hoody’s bank account. Hoody then gave the second one lot of 200 diamonds. He stated he may have the third lot when he lower back thereby stored his wish alive for extra for the following week to make certain that he came back with the cash. Tejan sold the diamonds which fetched $eight million, $four million for every one of them. After he had the cash in the financial institution, Hoody told Tejan that there have been no extra diamonds. Tejan turned into dejected and quietly walked out. Hoody knew he had lost Tejan for desirable as he left the cellar.

Hoody wanted to project a active appearance at the display and commissioned Juggi the pc whiz kid. He ordered three-D animation software and Juggi made him look very smart on the screen. He then geared up him with body language engine to make his gestures and facial expression seem human. He additionally were given him a brand new rich mature voice. But his expression and eyes had been nonetheless now not quite best. He were given Juggi to healthy him a webcam to feature as an internal eye and a mike as an internal ear. He could exercise via himself the expressions seeing them on his inner LCD display screen along with his inner webcam. He practiced and practiced to duplicate Lucia’s moves and ultimately learnt a way to drink coffee. He then gave her employer via consuming espresso at the display screen as she drank at the table in front of him.

Lucia satisfied Hoody to move from the dingy cellar to a beautiful seashore cottage in Brigantine just 10 km North of Atlantic City. She supplied the house artfully and landscaped the lawn. Juggi had outfitted massive Plasma monitors in different places inside the house in order that Hoody could be visible on any of them and therefore appear to move approximately the house.

He offered a separate PC within the house to train Turbo the way to operate the pc for some essential obligations out of sight of Lucia. The pc attracted Lucia to spend more time in Hoody’s house. She did her outsourcing paintings there. Lucia had delivered Hoody to look the stunning sights, sundown, hear tune, appreciate art, and revel in existence of luxury. He started out to understand what pride is. Hoody watched her drink, cook food and eat lunch. He expertly copied her moves and gave her organisation for breakfast and lunch! She taught him the artwork of dining and making polite conversation.

Tejan got here returned to fulfill Hoody with a suggestion to get better a stolen 68 carat diamond pendant well worth $a hundred million belonging to Mrs. Onasis. He was surprised to look the good-looking face and frame of Hoody, his posh house on the seaside and hear his wealthy mature voice. He stated he lived like a king! Hoody provided him cognac and cigar. Reluctantly Hoody agreed to try to recover the pendant on basis of equal sharing of the $40 million reward.

Hoody despatched Turbo with Tejan to Tel Aviv to the workshop of Eric Berken as the maximum probable region for the thief to re-reduce the massive diamond to make it saleable. Turbo went into Eric’s workshop and from his computer discovered that the thief Ronaldo had contacted him. Turbo modified the size of the diamond on the computer record which made Eric call Ronaldo with the pendant to his workshop. In the intervening time Turbo rushed to the inn room of Ronaldo and waited for him. Ronaldo returned with blood on his sleeves, saved the pendant on the mattress and went for a bath. Turbo climbed at the mattress, recovered the pendant and rolled out to Tejan ready out of doors.

They determined Ronaldo dashing off to the airport. Tejan heard on the radio that Erik have been murdered! It become too risky for them to pass the security on the airport with the pendant. He satisfied Hoody to talk to Mrs. Onasis and to finish their transaction in the resort in Tel Aviv, wherein he had checked in for the night time.

Mrs. Onasis flew into Tel Aviv with the attorneys. She changed into pleased and elated to get her pendant back. The transaction became over. Both Hoody and Tejan had secured his $20 million every in their respective banks.

Tejan lower back back to US with Turbo and drove to Hoody. They both had a lavish 5 course meal prepared by using Lucia with high priced cigar and Knob Creek bourbon, talking nostalgia. They talked philosophy of splendor, satisfaction and self-success. As Tejan slept, he thought that despite the fact that Hoody become just a laptop, it did now not make any distinction to him. It did now not be counted to him that Hoody become not of flesh and blood but just an image at the screen. ‘He laughed with me, drank with me, ate with me, smoked with me, chatted with me, or even philosophized with me! The recollections are similar to a human. I admire him as a person. And I owe him loads. He’s made my existence.’

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